Intimate Celtic music; or pumping Irish and Scottish dance tunes. Criú are a Celtic dance band in Wellington, New Zealand playing Irish and Scottish music at festivals and music venues.

Criú offers some of New Zealand's top Celtic musicians. Based in the capital they offer a range of lineups - a classy three-piece for your smaller venue or a thumping great five piece for large concerts, outdoor events and festivals. They'll even play for ceilidhs, with professional dance callers... with the traditional line up of fiddles, accordion, flute and guitar they can make an awful lot of noise at your event. 

Criú has it all: girls in dresses skillfully playing the music of our ancestors, handsome menfolk making manly noises while trying to keep up, great sound, terrible jokes and, if you need it, excellent dance callers who will make your guests do things that seem impossible.  

Criú at D4 in Wellington, March 2019; L-R Bob, Kathleen, Skye, Duncan

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Criú at Cuba Dupa in 2019, Hannah's Courtyard, Wellington; L-R Bob, Skye, Ceara, Duncan


Criú three-piece at the Hop Garden Wellington, Burns Night 2020; L-R Skye, Ceara, Bob


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