There’s a tap in the garage where we washed the Chevvy clean
Dirt roads and highways and the empty moor between
And I was a starling; I have flown above
I have seen life as landscape, and these tired roads as love

We landed on rooftops as starlings do
And the landscape of Scotland swam into view
But you were an angel and you flew above
And the points that we steered by were not clear enough

And I searched, I looked for you
On the slopes where we ran
The rivers where we swam
And all the things we saw
I watched them in my mind
Like the boat that sailed to Elgol
When the breakers ran too high
And the danger of the landing
The hard step to the shore

The memory’s receding these last few years
I’ve worked at the meaning and sometimes I’ve almost seen
But I still remember the warmth of you
I slept with the embers the night you flew

And in the fall
I searched for you
In the most precious place of all
The memory of you
And in the light I saw it all
The tall tree is first to fall
And from a clearing I recall you, Genevieve

There were leaves on the Chevvy when we set out for home
Dirt roads and highways, earthbound and alone
But I was a starling and I flew above
I’ve seen life and landscape and these tired roads as love


Released on Turn the Diesels, 2004

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