Iron in the blood

You can smell it a mile away
Black coffee and still warm Danish
A million raincoats trudging in the dawn

Some of them stop and stare
Looking up at the Empire State
All those windows the colour of rust

They woke to a blood red sky
But not like you and I did
Cause we got the iron in our blood

And I can see New York
On that little boy's bedroom wall
Any time I care to look

And I can see New York
Glowing in the Naseby Dawn
Cause I got the iron in my blood

Big trees all crossed with light
Call on an April sky
Take this braided river from stream to flood

Dry season in your viens
Red highway on an autumn plain
Comes from the iron in your blood

She says the light's not me
So here I'll be
When darkness strips that tree
When sunlight hits your window
To sparkle and shine, she says I'll never be free


Released on Me and Mary Ann, 2010

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