Bob McNeill is one of New Zealands best known Folk musicians.  
McNeill is one of New Zealand's foremost accompanists of Celtic music and is well known for his musical partnership with Canadian fiddler Gillian Boucher; the duo has played several festivals in NZ and Australia over the last year.  He also works with singer Chris Penman and is known for his past project with Kenny Ritch, Ben the Hoose.  He also plays with Canadian-Irish duo Fásta, and often accompanies touring Celtic musicians from Ireland, Scotland and North America who have mislaid their regular accompanist.   
An innovative songwriter, he has three New Zealand Music Awards, all for Best Folk Album. McNeill’s songwriting has been widely praised.His songs have been covered by artists in New Zealand, Scotland, Australia and the USA. The Dominion Post compared him to Jackson Brown, James Taylor, Luka Bloom and Dougie MacLean; New Zealand Musician compared his songwriting to Bruce Springsteen and Mark Knopfler, and called his songs "endearing” and "haunting”. His characters sway on the horizon, sometime after the moment of decision... rare perspectives and sweet melodies, like the farmer inheriting his father’s dogs in Southland Man’s Lament, or the shell-shocked divorcee escaping a forest fire in Jesusita.
His last studio album Me and Mary Ann is still available as he works on new musical projects.   Me and Mary Ann, produced by the late Rob Winch, was recorded in Wellington, Nashville and Galway and features guest appearances by many of the NZ and Ireland-based musicians he has worked with over the years.  


Bob McNeill

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