Project Feijoa

Spanish American Kiwi Folk Rock n' Roll

Project Feijoa's music is their own strange brew, a Kiwi-ised, slightly folky, sometimes rocky sort of SoCal Mexicana which they call....Spanish American Kiwi Folk Rock 'n' Roll. 

Project Feijoa came together in 2018 when Bob persuaded Emily Roughton and Rob Henderson to help him turn a long-stewing collection of Spanish-tinged songs into an album, that people could actually listen to.  Emily's gorgeous viola, piano and fiddle stylings weave around McNeill's Spanish and electric leads to create the mood, and Rob's driving basslines - on large and small instruments - stitch it all together. 

A long time in the fermenter, their debut album The California Tapes showcases McNeill's  songwriting as well as the group's instrumental prowess.  Choosing to take their time and let the songs grow, the album is a folky, slightly rocky, sun and tequila-soaked love letter to California, in all its incarnations. 

For more information about Project Feijoa, visit the band's website at


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