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Russian Hill

The Ainu men came to watch us turn her
Their children waved, turned their golden faces to the sun
Proud among the old men
Our fathers watched us turn towards Aleutia
Cold Alaskan snow
If you're old and lucky you know
We were fifteen sons
Bound for San Francisco

And the fires on Russian Hill
Leave them be
Men are gazing still
Somewhere out to sea
And it's home, home I'll be

Fifteen days, thought I'd seen everything
Then Willi came, tore a whole right through the sky
There I saw Elias
My father said these giants point the way
Down that island chain
Never thought I'd see sun again
Then I came into San Francisco

Worked in sun, came ashore half wretched
The heat of day burned all night long in some
Far above the ocean
The English carved their names in Oakland stone
So high above the bay
You'd think that on the clearest day
You'd see all the way back to San Francisco

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