After Louis

Like the madness swirls
To compromise your world
Only if you dare to heed the thunder
And if you read my mind
Or take my pulse you'll find
There's nothing worse than walking after thunder

The breath that lingers long
The heavy rise and fall
That plagues my stride even as she ponders
And where the river winds
A stone bridge she will find
That we might turn the dashing rocks down under

Fanny you have been
The ending to a journey
Gone west again
You came through the fires
First time I have seen these stars
In this regard I've been the hunter

Time of nothing willed
Save effort on the hill
A rhythm I have often found in Alba
Puts one in mind
Of effort there in time
If not in like of temperament or climate

To lay me in the wild
The stars the only light
Her lingering beside
As I slumber under wide and starry skies
Dig the grave and let me die
Here he lies where he longed to be



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