Southland man's lament

Bright leaves remind me you never said
How you knew there was a storm coming in
Boilin sun goin down engine red
You always said that meant rain

Stock’s all down near the winter barn
Got ‘em early this year
Dogs were edgy kept wanting to turn
So did I and now we’re all standin here

At a stone in the ground just a name without the sound
Of you tellin me how to turn the plough
Just a hill down south where your father built a house
And in the morning walked out and broke the ground

Times I ran down that hill when you called us
To the warm fire with the blood red sky behind
Me and my little sister and my brothers
Scattered like stock after rain

And if they never made it home some years
You and me we’d sit and drink their share
You can be sure they’re wishin they’d made it home somehow
You can be sure they’re coming now

So what is this but succession
Turn of leaves and suggestions of rain
The memory of running
Cold sky blood above the plains

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