Where you can't see the border

The distant lights of Vegas
Desert sky shines bright
Cotton wood and sulphur
Perfume in the night
We saw Mexicali
Headed east along the line
At the old St Francis mission
We waited till it was time

Brush beneath your fingers
Cuts you to the bone
The desert sand like fibre
Pressed in your clothes
You said I'd never save you
Lead you out of here
Then you came home from Vegas
Found my note lying there

Beneath the canyon wall
You'll be out of sight
Cross the river there and ride
Two days south of there
Where you can't see the border
We'll go south toward the light

Emerald lake and grasses
Sage behind your eyes
Bitter from the harvest
The fruit we didn't find
I thought I'd keep you safe there
Place beyond the pines
But the other side is heartless
There's no truth there to find


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