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Northeast belle

Hey Anna, my northeast belle
The Gypsies sing and I dance as well as you
When I knew you
You looked after yourself
Sundays were for sleeping in
I never troubled you then

You donít seem to know me
Was it all that long ago
When I knew you
Well Iíve been away too
Since that strange wind that blew
One day everything was new

I ran into Johnny
He says heís liquid again
Less resistance
Gonna ride a wave again
He canít write home because bricks and mortar
Failed him in the end

I thought I saw you on the coast of Spain
Black heart and far from rain
My desert lily
High and dry again
The flower feels the rain most sweetly
Following distance
And I put you in his arms
For rain or shine
For all those times
My northeast belle

And if the Gypsies play again
Weíll go see them and dance

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