San Fernando

San Fernando, you got a little something left for me now
There's more here than just what you see
I've been here since 1983, still trying

Los Angelos, well they wear you down as much as
Broken dreams turned into Sundays
Driving all day south to make a hundred
Turn around again

Now I ain't no man for them whiskey sours
Or other types of comfort
But I've been around enough times now
To know a thing ain't worth it

Made a living, turned my 30s into gasoline, and
Mountains into rear view mirrors
Never saw the valleys in between
They were probably dark when I passed through

Now ain't no man gonna turn his back
On the high life in San Fernando
But them Valley girls ain't got answers now
For how that dream got past you

I've had some good ones, in among the blood and thunder
Great tunes I don't think I could remember
Even if I sat between the tombstones
And tried to write them down

'Cos it's always a log on the fire
Or a dream on a pink horizon
It's never something close enough
You can get your arms around it

Sooner or later we all lose a wheel
And sure enough I found her
I was dark and dusty from an old boys' haunt
On the highway past Ventura

I thought I'd raised a little time
A little time for comfort
It turned into a little year
Now I'm right back where I started,

San Fernando


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