I could lose her

That little port side roll
Something shifting down below
The old girl is tired
She's been around the world

But up here everything is real
So I'm staying by the wheel
Take her northward
Bow toward the islands

I could lose her
I could lose her
If I take my hand off to write
If I take my mind off for a while
To plot some course I've never sailed
Some rhyme I've never made
Between the canvas and the sail

Got a little lost in my urge
To get my nose ahead, my urge
To be here instead of nowhere

Was there once a time
When I could complete this rhyme?
And sail a truer line to somewhere

I could lose her...

Took some time today
Trying to find a way
To keep myself out of the ocean

No hero's welcome then
Roses for other men
I was never really one of them at all

I could lose her...

for Donald Crowhurst

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