Santa Maria

The growing is hard here
Hot like Baja, twice as tough
One day mud, one day cornfield
One day desert, the next day dust
Raise your eyes to the Santa Lucia
Ain't no answers there

Santa Maria these days I find
The work it gets harder
Toil in the sun till you go blind
Then go to Jesus
Handful of corn and your name on a stone
In Santa Maria

The names on these stones don't belong here
Followed the coast like my Caitlin
Came up from south with a mule and a plough
To till the earth, watch the sun go up and down
Every day of their lives, till they're laid in the ground
And covered over

Santa Maria the sun still shines
On the ground where I laid her
Down the valley the stream still winds on forever 
You'll find Heaven
Down from the mountain
In Santa Maria

Santa Maria these days I find...


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