Save your toys athough theyíre useless
You always got them after me
Save my money in a shoebox
Sail across the yearning see
And if you found that I was struggling
Would you jump a plane in spite
And do you harbour any grudges
That youíre the one left running
While I took flight

I always thought your reach was longer
When we threw pebbles on the beach
And it seemed to me that you ran faster
Back to the car in your bare feet
And that Lancia canít save you
Though it can bring you home at night
And if the sky is clear then maybe
Youíll catch a glimpse of something warm and free
And full of light

See I had the job, I had the plan
Just got fed up, you know how I am
I wanted more than a life saving
Got out before the living starts
The frantic pace of empty hearts
And I used to ask Do you call that living?

Hey girl do you harbour grudges?

So when you stand before the ocean
The world in front and life behind
Youíll know my stone was rounded elsewhere
But itís just the same as yours inside

But I got out, you know how I am
An engineer without a plan
I never saw the race you ran
Hide away when something starts
And all the ones you love run past
Now youíll have to run as fast as both of us

Hey girl someday Iíll find your place
And there make harbour for a while


Released on Turn the Diesels, 2004


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