She never rode well in any kind of swell
Not even at anchor
Gave us hell all the way through the broad Atlantic haze
Till we finally made Disco

Little harbour on the coast, there's a girl there that I know
She bid me goodbye there
As the captain he ordered us down
All of our eyes were on her 

As we went about, bound for the northern sound
The young men shivered in silence
All the whalers were going the other way
As we sailed toward Fury

For I am bound to perish now
Don't look for me in sorrow
For all bets are off
In the raging surf
Of the beaches at Fury

As Fury soldiered on
Harder and harder was telling the night from the morning
To the south we saw open water
Our sister she turned for the opening

As we followed her down, made a hole in clouds
Through the top of the world
With our hearts in our mouths we followed her down
To the beaches at Fury

For I am bound...

And on the Greenland coast
She wishes to know
As each day is colder
Was I alone
Down in the hole
When she foundered at Fury


Released on Race for the Sun, 2019


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