Massachusetts, part 1

The freeway lights are fine, they swallow the horizon
They flicker just out of sight
Fifteen hours straight, won't be long till snow now
Cut it close this time

If I close my eyes I am sitting on the back seat
My little sister fast asleep beside me
See I came from the island one September
Which year I don't remember
Maybe '93

I've lived here longer than half the people born here
Still I wonder which of us belongs
Massachusetts with your heart on your sleeve
I've seen you stand out in the rain to argue
Same old thing again

Sometimes late at night I listen to the turnpike
From here it's just a whine
You can hear it in between the sirens
Between the planes on final coming in to land

Massachusetts you choose where the sun sets
And if it shines at all I know you made it
Don't worry love I'll be back here by morning
My mother closed the door
Twenty nine and something

Massachusetts you have something more I wonder
Something more than autumn
Light the sky on fire

Massachusetts, rows of houses, brick-lined avenues
Copper fronts and blistered wood and Orleans in the sun

The rain on seventh avenue
The angry words I said to you don't matter now
In Massachusetts


For the Boston girls, Lori M and Donna C
And Lorraine from Stoughton, with much admiration


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