Anna's dream

The storm clouds shout and wail on top of houses
Took the mountains long ago
Made a river of this town
All the dancing clowns run fast between the lightning and the rain
I sheltered under awnings
Kept my feet out of the flood
She's gone but Anna's dream is just the same

The bookstore by my cheap hotel is closed now
Took the dogs and headed south for what's left of summer
That old mongrel don't like storms
Tears the place up when it comes
Ain't nothing made for strife like dogs and thunder
Across the street there is no change
Anna's dream is just the same
Little place of calm among the hunters

C'est juste comme le réve d'Anna
Nous n'avons que le réve d'Anna

After rain her dream is always brighter
Turns to steam the pavements like the rain
She brushes out the stones
The residue of storms
All that lingers now of those who faced them
She sings while she works
Makes the days pass quicker in the sun
Sometimes this heat is worse than all that thunder

C'est juste comme...


Released on The California Tapes, 2019


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