Waipori Valley song

Sixteen miles
Silver turns to black
Like ants beneath the starry sky
We went to ground

Me and John and the Hartson boys
She woke us all with her siren noise
If we kept going then beneath her soil
She'd glisten

Still frozen now
South the river dark and loud
She'll never hold us now
Even if we wanted
And don't worry about us
Before the winter comes
We'll make this valley sing

She beckoned us with promised joy
She welcomed us and then threw us down
In the gully deep we almost drowned
Washed down to the valley

That was six long months ago
We buried John on the plain below
The Hartson boys were next to go
And now she sings for no-one

Still frozen now
South the river dark and loud
I'd never cross it now
Even if I wanted
And don't worry for now
I'll stay I'll hold on and somehow
I'll make this valley sing

'Cos I know the broken lands
From South Australia to Geelong
And I've never heard a valley song like this one


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