Las Canoas

The coyotes have all gone now
They ran downhill and we were right behind them
There's distant voices calling, embers still being found
Buried now still warm by whoever finds them

And I heard she went down south
Crossed the border down by Raymond's
Well I searched those valleys
Peaches and grenadine
Orchids and lemons
Buds and white cotton sheets
And things we lost in Las Canoas

They say the gold in them there hills was all gone by '59
Some boys still up there scratching round them old mines
There's a fortune up there waiting for someone who's of a mind
To dig down deep and see what's laying under

And the boys from up the canyon
They're still chasing down coyotes
Well they call them by name now
Peaches and grenadine
Orchid and lemon
Picking through what's left
Of the things we lost in Las Canoas


Released on The California Tapes, 2019


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