The heron makes his way
Like a shotgun in the haze
In the morning when I wake, and Passover

Debris all flutters clear
No second guessing here
You always said I'd be among the first to wander

Once I saw that star above your door
The things I wished for
New England, here to roam
A ghost among the trees that grow and fall
And keep you warm, Vermont

Fire then I'll run 
In an outline of the sun
An echo where it shone behind me

The eagle flutters free
A mile above the sea
They carried salt up here enough to make an ocean

Once I saw that star above your door... 

Salt now in my veins
Dances and inflames
The words I'll never say if you hear me now

Break and fly away
On wings I'm raised
Beat away the haze and clear the skies above me 

Once I saw that star above your door...


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