Race for the sun

The western bays are all silent now
The beaches we found
Deserted now the flowing tide
Is the only sound

Still I linger now and listen while
Those strange birds sing of oceans
The nights are warm and the winters mild
Not like Nova Scotia

But I left my heart
At a bend in the river
Cold harbour behind us
We took what we owned
With the smell of the bark
The spirit that lingers
With what we could could carry
In a race for the sun

Sail on
You'll be safe now
Nothing lasts forever
Won't be the first time we've tried

Between the heads we wrestle her
In a mercy tide
The run between the Cabot shores
Was ever as wide

But these island boys are all foreign here 
With their dreams of oceans
The sea that pounds the eastern beach
Not like the island

But I left my heart
At a bend in the river
We cut down the sumacs
Turned them into boats
With the smell of the bark
On our clothes as we boarded
Is all I remember
Of our race for the sun

Sail on...

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