Last Time I Saw Him

I stayed when all the men had gone
To drink to my husband's return
Their voices carried to the shore
Like the last time I saw him

He was in the fields when I was young
Nothing but toil in rain and sun
And the fertile earth our father sowed
Froze to ice in those winters
And drove the men out in their boats

But he was tall and dark
A raven like his father was, so strong
And in my sons the eyes were brightest
As clear and bright as his

The only warning was the breeze
What chance a small boat in such seas
Tossed and turned away
Tossed and turned
Tossed and turned away from me

But he came home today
And all the men would say
They found him on a beach
Where his brothers used to play
In waves that tossed and turned

I stayed when all the men gone
And I prayed my husband would return
Their voices carried to the shore
The last time I saw him


Released on Me and Mary Ann, 2010

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