Signs of Trouble

There's something in my eyes love; I thought it was the rain
Maybe it's all that whisky coming out again
Did you overfly me just the other day
I was thinking of the cottage; it's a long time since I've been that way

The days are getting short love; I sense a change in the air
Mary's been staying over, she sits in your old chair
I've sat there too love while the whole world changed
I wish you could have seen it, it was like we'd won the war again

Fade to a whisper
Slow to a crawl
(Some day this stream will dry up)
No other signs of trouble

And I've come full circle love through a long day to the sun's bright fire
Now I wish that I could hold you for a while
Kiki's getting older she has your cares around her eyes
Mary says she loves you, and so did I

Fade to a whisper
Slow to a crawl
No other signs of trouble

If I was a river
You were the flood
A symbol of my struggle

Cry me a river
Pour me a flood
Someday this stream will dry up
Or maybe run free, maybe

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