Lay me down, San Joaquin

We were the first to see the San Joaquin
No rivers run to the west of me
With the light in my eyes
Sierra high
Fertile land from Kern to Galesary
Six weeks ago, we first saw the snow
Pushed forward, huddled in the cold
Three horses lame
Most of us about the same
In the frozen steps of those before us
On the run 
Out west
Better luck tomorrow if you're blessed
With a view of your saviour
And I'll bet them Spanish ain't seen nothin' yet
Where the river runs
Lay me down, San Joaquin
Lay me down, San Joaquin
Wind turns the lines of wagons on their sides
Santa Ana, she's beaten us this time
Curled under skies of black day and night
Just waiting for one last climb
On the run...
My Sarah said the world although cruel, would always turn
Show you something to take away the harm
Like snow on the ground always melts and rivers run
Down to valleys
Like this one we found
On the run.... 

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