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I found a resting place right here in Nazareth
Beneath that big Dutch elm you can see the world
I used to come up here with my Mary Ann
With her books and beer to read her stories

Hey, Pennsylvania stories
Hey, till dust do us part

She said Iíve found a job up in New York
In a restaurant, you can see the world
Iíll work at night put a little by
And in the day Iíll write, and send it home to you

Hey, Pennsylvania...

300 pages it came by media post
Must have sat for days while they cleared the roads
She must have posted it on her way to work
Pulled an early shift couldnít wait to get back home

Hey, Pennsylvania...

My love
Here is my story
I finished it
Just like I said I would
And Iíll be home soon
I finish work next Tuesday

I come from Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Beneath that big Dutch elm you can see the world

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